Charity organizations understand that the cycles of donations ebb and flow. But staying on top of these challenges becomes increasingly difficult in our uncertain economic climate. People across the nation find that they have fewer dollars to donate and do not know which charity to support. Likewise, we have entered a season in which charitable giving is often at the bottom of both individuals’ and corporations’ priority lists.

While the first quarter is often the most unsuccessful for fundraising, this is exactly why you should consider extending what support you can to the causes that mean the most to you. We’re sure that list is long, but we’d be grateful to be considered for it. A small contribution can leave an indelible impression on our beneficiaries.

On the surface, many people assume that the ICE Foundation is solely focused on supporting the work of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. However, our work extends far beyond that, including human trafficking survivor assistance, public safety and awareness programs and scholarships, among a range of other services. When the worst happens to agents and their families, we are here to help. When a sex trafficking survivor needs a helping hand and a fresh beginning, we stand ready to offer whatever we can.

We recognize that both the domestic and international criminal landscapes evolve at an alarming rate, which is why our organization is so committed to helping both frontline agents and those they are sworn to protect.


When you sponsor a charity like the ICE Foundation, you provide much-needed assistance to important issues that are often outside of the public eye. During this slow season, please consider making a donation. Every dollar counts, and with your help, we can continue to support those who keep our nation safe.

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