Planning Your Holiday Charity Giving? Consider The Ice Foundation


During this holiday season, charity organizations across the nation make their year-end push for much-needed donations. With so many worthy causes, how do you know which charity to support? At their core, all reputable charities seek to provide support and services to at-risk populations who are underserved or underrepresented in their communities. The mission to help those less fortunate drives our desire to give back, and the ICE Foundation offers an excellent opportunity to support agents in need, as well as the victims they help. Here are some ways in which your donation to the ICE Foundation can directly impact those in need:

  • Emergency assistance for agents and/or their families—When tragedy strikes, such as an agent’s unexpected death, serious illness, or other catastrophic event, the ICE Foundation offers programs that help them deal with the challenges these situations create.
  • Support for victims of human trafficking—While ICE agents work to rescue those affected by human trafficking, freedom is only the first step on the journey to healing. These individuals need extensive support on their path of recovery, and the ICE Foundation has programs to help.
  • Help getting wounded veterans job training—The ICE Foundation assists wounded veterans who plan to pursue US Immigration and Customs Enforcement-sponsored job training programs. These help them gain the skills they need for career advancement.


These areas are just a few ways that the ICE Foundation helps forward the mission of U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and at its core, the foundation aims to serve those who strive to keep our nation safe, and those they save from oppression. If you plan to give money to charity this holiday season, we encourage you to learn more about the foundation through our website, and discover ways in which you can contribute to this patriotic agency and help those in need. To learn more, contact us today!

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