Trough our continuous efforts, the ICE Foundation provides much-needed support for the mission of U.S. ICE supporter badgeImmigration & Customs Enforcement agents, and the people they serve. Our outreach efforts help bring awareness about the truly diverse roles of ICE as an agency, as well as raise funds that support both agents in need and survivors of human trafficking. However, what many people do not know is that the ICE Foundation Store features a variety of products that represent the agency and serve the agents who sacrifice so much.

The wide variety of gift and apparel items contribute to our ICE fundraiser efforts. In fact, when you purchase a unique item from our online store, you will help fund the programs that provide essential support and outreach.  Here are just a few of the categories you will find in our gift shop:HSI Special Agent Fleece Jacket

  • Apparel—We offer fitness shirts, polos, and outerwear for both ICE and DHS agents. These comfortable items are the perfect addition to an agent’s wardrobe.
  • Glassware—Our collection of coffee mugs, beer mugs, and ale glasses are a thoughtful gift for the ICE or DHS agent in your life. They showcase the agency emblems so that your recipient can show their pride in the team and the mission.
  • Accessories—In this section, you will discover keychains, putters, golf balls and more. All of our unique gifts aim to highlight the agency and those who serve with pride. If you are looking for a truly ICE Keychainunique gift, you will find it here.

While these are just a few of the shop offerings, the ICE Foundation Store is one of the easiest ways donors can get involved while supporting ICE agents. With the holidays just around the corner, take the time to see of you can find an amazing gift while contributing to the safety and security of our nation and those who protect it.

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  • hso-special-agent-fleece-jacket
  • ice-ale-glasses
  • ice-keychain
  • dhs-seal-golf-putter-head

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