Life is full of unpredictability, and the courageous work performed by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents only crystallizes that reality on a daily basis. Whether it’s a threat posed in the line of duty or one that strikes at home, through illness, natural disaster or the like, the ICE Foundation will be there to lend its support to the affected agents and their families. The ICE Officer’s Assistance Fund was established to provide financial aid when the need is unexpected and urgent.


The ICE Foundation is assisting wounded veterans who plan to pursue US Immigration and Customs Enforcement sponsored-job training programs. Grants are offered each year for those who have successfully completed the ICE Human Exploitation Rescue Operative (HERO) Child Rescue Corps program and who have graduated to their 10-month, unpaid field internship. The grants are intended to support living expenses and uncovered educational expenses incurred during the training. They are awarded without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin.


Borne from the 9/11 attacks, the vision of the Department of Homeland Security is to ensure the country is safe, secure and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. The ICE Foundation believes that it’s within all of us to contribute to a safer America and future. And the Service to America Scholarship is the confirmation of that belief. For the elite few recommended by the military or federal law enforcement for their demonstrated commitment to public safety, the foundation extends this undergraduate scholarship with the intention of nurturing their leadership and academic excellence.


For most children, the holidays are a miraculous time of the year. But for the ones rescued by ICE, the victims of abuse and neglect, they can become another reason the children feel forgotten. So the foundation began partnering with the ICE Chicago field office to ensure that none of the children of Aunt Martha’s House were left behind. Through those efforts, and the proceeds raised by the sale of the ICE holiday ornaments, Santa visits the house and leads the kids to a holiday party that’s likely to remain with them for years to come.