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In a nation that feels more divided than ever, at our core, we all want a safe country that nourishes our families and gives us the opportunities for success. This desire is inherent in all of us, but behind the peaceful lives we crave are the brave men and women who work to keep our borders secure so that we can embrace all that America has to offer. The agents of U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement work tirelessly to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible, while protecting our sovereignty. Through their efforts, they face danger, try to help the marginalized, and generally do jobs that are personally rewarding but often thankless. That is why the ICE Foundation was created; we strive to provide much-needed support to both ICE agents, as well as those they help through the course of their duties. If you feel the call to stand behind this important agency, we have plenty of ICE volunteer opportunities and donor events that provide important resources and outreach.


Our ICE fundraiser events not only help raise awareness for the mission, but they also support fallen agents or those who are facing dire situations, such as a major illness or catastrophe.


Additionally, we help survivors of human trafficking in their recovery and reintegration into normal lives.


Other grants and scholarships offer education opportunities and outreach so that, as an important law enforcement organization, ICE continues to grow and thrive as its agents safeguard our borders and citizens. As such, we have plenty of ways donors can get involved so that we all foster a sense of citizenship and community investment.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved or donate, contact us today at 202 888 1761! Together, we will help ICE continue its important work so that we all can continue to enjoy the freedoms that make America great.

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Effective December 31, 2018, the Board of the ICE Foundation recently voted to officially close down the foundation and cease all operations.  However, an entirely new and separate organization, the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council, has been created and will take up many of the positive legacy programs of the former ICE Foundation.  The Homeland Security Philanthropy Council will be similar to the ICE Foundation but will assume a broader remit to assist law enforcement agencies within the Department of Homeland Security. ICE Foundation Executive Director James Barchiesi and several ICE Foundation Board members will help with the transition and continue their philanthropic efforts by supporting the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council.  However, it is important to clarify that the ICE Foundation will sunset at the end of 2018 and that the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council will be a new entity without any official connection to the former ICE Foundation. The ICE Foundation Board members would like to sincerely thank the many generous supporters of the ICE Foundation who have assisted our efforts over the years to support the ICE mission and the men and women of ICE and their families.

For further information about the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council please see their website