Ice Law Enforcement Support
Ice Law Enforcement Support

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The ICE Agency does a lot more than merely securing our southernmost border against the threat of illegal immigrants. As critical as that activity seems to be, and as much as that duty falls upon the duties of agents involved in ICE, most of the organization’s movement implementation work happens inside the innermost areas of the US. ICE operators are given the task of implementing more than 400 government statutes, concentrating on immigration enforcement, fighting the unlawful development of individuals and merchandise crosswise over US fringes, and avoiding psychological warfare on US soil. You can demonstrate your help for our officers by subsidizing one of our steady projects- and when you donate to one of our programs, you’ll be securing our nation.

ICE Foundation makes it possible to donate to support the men and women of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement through a cash donation or through volunteering your time. Click the ‘Support’ link on our website to find out how you can partner with us to show ICE how much we appreciate what they do day after day to keep us safe.

Were you aware that the ICE organization examines the illicit development of individuals and products occurring over our US outskirts and all through our nation? It’s not common knowledge, however it’s a standout amongst the most critical administrations that ICE provides. Through their endeavors, casualties of human trafficking and sexual abuse are saved and given the chance to start another life. Our endeavors are imperative in light of the fact that through our subsidizing, casualties of these wrongdoings are reintegrated into society. Without our assistance, and the assistance of different establishments like our own, this would not be conceivable. You can be a part of these tremendous efforts by showing your ICE law enforcement support on our website. Your donations will go to fund our programs, like our Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Assistance program.

Illicit trade in the US takes the form of other crimes outside of those that affect the lives of other human beings, and likewise includes weapons, cash, and drugs, and it’s the obligation of ICE officers to keep these wares from entering our nation from somewhere else. Researching and keeping all illicit and counterfeit stock development is one of the chief duties of ICE. Keeping our country’s technology from illicitly leaving the US is additionally a vital activity of the ICE office, and one we are pleased to help bolster through our subsidizing.

Visit us online to find out how you can show ICE law enforcement support by donating to our ICE Foundation Officer’s Fund that assists ICE officers with ordinary assistance provisions, our HERO program that helps injured veterans who seek after an ICE supported employment preparing program, and our Granting Courage program, to enable ICE to battle human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You’ll find our website to be a tremendous resource in learning more about how the ICE Agency protects our country, and what we can all do to show our ongoing support.

Ice Law Enforcement Support

Effective December 31, 2018, the Board of the ICE Foundation recently voted to officially close down the foundation and cease all operations.  However, an entirely new and separate organization, the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council, has been created and will take up many of the positive legacy programs of the former ICE Foundation.  The Homeland Security Philanthropy Council will be similar to the ICE Foundation but will assume a broader remit to assist law enforcement agencies within the Department of Homeland Security. ICE Foundation Executive Director James Barchiesi and several ICE Foundation Board members will help with the transition and continue their philanthropic efforts by supporting the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council.  However, it is important to clarify that the ICE Foundation will sunset at the end of 2018 and that the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council will be a new entity without any official connection to the former ICE Foundation. The ICE Foundation Board members would like to sincerely thank the many generous supporters of the ICE Foundation who have assisted our efforts over the years to support the ICE mission and the men and women of ICE and their families.

For further information about the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council please see their website