ICE Foundation Contribution



The ICE Foundation supports the over 20,000 men and women of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) by actively promoting public safety and homeland security here at home and abroad. In addition, each year, the Foundation provides financial support for the families of ICE Law Enforcement Officers as well as survivors of crimes rescued by ICE and its counterparts.

The ICE Foundation exists to complement ICE’s mission and to thank these outstanding individuals, along with their families, through a variety of roles, programs, and activities.

The combined generosity of others allows us to actively reinforce our vision through a variety of programs including:

  • Educating the public on the dangers of crime related to our nation’s borders, along with the role of the agency in enforcing Customs and Immigration laws.
  • Strengthening partnerships, training, and community outreach with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Providing assistance to victims of crime such as human trafficking, modern slavery, and child exploitation.
  • Offering financial relief for ICE personnel and their families.
  • Honoring the memories of fallen officers.