With more than 20,000 employees in over 400 offices in the United States and in 46 other countries, ICE’s mission is to protect America and fight for a safer country for us all. These special agents have many responsibilities, and one of them is fighting terrorism. Here are some initiatives developed to combat this global threat with the help of ICE:


Visa Security Program


The Visa Security Program is very important for protecting our country because it keeps criminals and terrorists out. ICE assigns special agents to work on the visa screening and vetting process to disrupt terrorism and criminal networks that are planning attacks against our nation. Technology plays a big role in automating part of our screening process to make it more effective.


Illicit Pathways Attack Strategy


Transnational organized crime networks pose a continuous threat to our beloved country. They are becoming smarter and more complex, which requires us to integrate our lines of defense. We also urge our foreign partners to join us in the fight by helping us break the economic power of these organizations and target their infrastructures.


Counter-Proliferation Investigations Program


Through the Counter-Proliferation Investigations Program, ICE prevents foreign enemies from stealing U.S. technology. Can you imagine what would happen if our sensitive technologies and weapons end up in the hands of terrorists? This program fights the trafficking and illegal exportation of weapons of mass destruction, military technology, and firearms. Homeland Security Investigations has the authority to investigate all cross-border crime and even run undercover operations.

At ICE Foundation, we support the brave ICE agents that risk their lives every day to protect us from terrorists. Do you want to join our cause? Contact us through our website or by calling (202) 888-1761 to learn how you can help.

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